Web design and website development is the visual appearance. First-time users of a site use a design to form an opinion on why good graphics are important.

1 – The design must be the same:

All of your pages must support the same web design and development. Otherwise, if a visitor switches pages and sees another design that confuses them, it will leave a bad impression on their head. CSS exists; Use the same style sheet on every page. You will see your visitors on your website again!

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Image Source: Google

2- The design should enhance your website:

The design and development of web, graphics, and site layout have a strong influence on how they are used. The design also influences key elements such as visibility and contrast, and the ease with which users are attracted to text and images on the website.

3 – Create a simple page:

You don’t need to add a lot of visual effects. Don’t complicate it. Take for example the most popular website: Google’s simple and fun design. To stay, visitors do not need a schedule for added effect.

4 – stay professional:

You only have a few seconds to grab the visitor’s attention. During this time he will form his own opinion by looking at your web design and development. Your trust is at stake. In your opinion, will visitors trust the website with design enthusiasts? Experts have even pointed out that the website is several hundred milliseconds long.